Surfacing all un-run nodes & Streets in a town

I’m trying to surface all of my un-run nodes & streets in a specific town on the map (ideally the town map, not the lifemap). Is this possible? When I use the lifemap, it shows me all the nodes in towns besides mine for some reason.

If you visit your profile page: David Krulewich - CityStrides
Then click through to a city e.g. Fairfield: Fairfield, Connecticut - CityStrides
The first tab is your list of incomplete streets. Clicking the show button on streets there will display its nodes on the map.

Thanks. Apologies for the confusion. I was thinking surfacing them all at once without having to manually select each and not showing the streets already completed.

Ah, ok. So this? Node Hunter for specific city

It would be very expensive for me to provide a button that displayed all of your un-finishsed streets in a city - both in the server/database as well as in your browser. Most devices would probably crash. That’s also why there’s an upper limit to the number of nodes that NodeHunter returns.

Let me know if that’s what you’re thinking, or if you had a different idea / different details.

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This would appear to be correct; however when I select the maginifying glass (assuming this is AKA NodeHunter?) It only shows me the nodes OUTSIDE my city. Please see screen shot.

It’s not incredibly smart about how it limits the number of nodes returned. If you zoom in closer within the city of Fairfield (especially into an area that you haven’t run much of), does it start returning nodes within its border?

I’ve just tried zooming in/around and using NodeHunter at different levels, and I see the same thing as you. If I’m zoomed too far out, it excludes nodes in Fairfield. As I zoom in, nodes within Fairfield are displayed.
I’m guessing that this is a result of how I limit the number of nodes returned. I’m just applying a hard-stop at 1,000 nodes - I bet the nodes outside of Fairfield are earlier in the returned set.

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Ok, yes that is what is happening on my end as well. I find it strange that when I first click on the city, it excludes the nodes within the city. If I move eastward, it only shows me nodes in Bridgeport, westward, only Westport. Given that I have less than 1000 total left within Fairfield (well less than 1000 streets at least), seems like a glitch?

Though I am glad to see that when I zoom in, they appear and thank you for that. However the result makes it more challenging to mentally create routes that focus on unfinished streets as I need to zoom out and in.

More of a usability issue than a glitch, but that’s splitting hairs.

NodeHunter is present on every map, so I’m a little hesitant to change its behavior on different pages. However, if you’re on a city page then NodeHunter could limit its search to only nodes within that city.
And/Or I could add a city-selection feature to NodeHunter and have it default to the currently-viewed city.

I don’t want to force people to navigate to a separate page for specific uses of NodeHunter (the UX would be annoying and it would be more expensive for me), so I think I just need to give NodeHunter some more context-aware features.


YES PLEASE :smile:!
…Is that not the whole point of City Strides after all (To run every street/node in a specific city not yet completed)?

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@david.krulewich I’ve had similar thoughts, but what I’m finding is that now that I’m down to less than 10% to go on my city, the incomplete tab is very useful.

And +1 to this:

Yes @ericjrw - when I get to 10% I will let you know :slight_smile:

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In my city, I’ve run all the streets in the central core. I was able to approach that task systematically.

But now I’m looking at the streets outside the central core. There isn’t any sort of systematic approach I can take. (And the streets are too far to run on weekdays, too.)

My new approach is to go through the incomplete list alphabetically. I go to the first street that’s within range, and I plot out a course. If it’s barely within range, I run there and back. And if its closer, I create a route that incorporates that street as well as other streets I haven’t finished.

(If it’s out of range, I save the course anyway, and then as my range increases I know to run that course, too.)

I’ve just started on this method, but it’s keeping my runs fresh.

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One of the best parts of CityStrides right there! It’s been a lot fun seeing more of my town. I’ve seen things I had no idea were here.

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