Supporting monthly

I’m thinking about supporting this great community. A monthly amount would suit me fine.
However, I was wondering if it’s easy to stop supporting monthly when I find out it’s not working for me anymore.
Can you help me?

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Hi @jwstukker, that’s great to hear, and it IS a great community :grinning:

Yes, it is as easy to stop supporting as it is to start.

Further to that, you actually get notified each month reminding you that the subscription is coming up, which I’ve never seen in any other subscription service.

There’s also quite a bit more information in general about supporting at this page: About Becoming a Supporter

Happy Striding!


Thanks for the quick respons.

It is good to hear its easy to cancel.


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Easy to cancel, and you can even do single payments which don’t recur at all.
That gives you full supporter access for the following month, then reverts to non-subscriber/no payments immediately thereafter.

To clarify, whatever one-time payment you choose gets spread out over $5/month so e.g. $20 provides 4 months of supporter access.