Summarized activity view?

Is there a facility within CS to query/view some kind of brief summary of each activity it has received & stored in the database independent of if Lifemap shows it? Something as simple as the quantity of activities for each date it knows about might be enough to work. There might be other EASY metrics about each activity worth displaying as well. This could be a valuable enhancement to CS and save James from chasing down apparent sync problems that are really only Lifemap problems, and we users could do our own troubleshooting to this extent. Something to consider, James.

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The original thread you posted into deletes replies after a month, and this seems worth keeping around. I did struggle with whether to put this in #support or #ideas and I decided on #support because we don’t have a concrete “ask” just yet…

Your profile view, which is linked from the top right menu, includes a list of your activities. That “works”

You have a good point about adjusting the view in a way that can accomplish you to either see more information more quickly or show you new information based on everything collected so far.

My mind immediately went to Runkeeper’s activity list … it’s an accordion-style list separated by month, where each header shows the month/year/activity count & expanding that month lists the activities in a “date/type/distance” format & clicking into activities provides more detailed info in the right panel.
I think there’s some possibility for CityStrides around this lose idea… swapping out pieces of info, like - we want to see at a glance the number of completed/progressed streets. I do a “fine” job of that now in the profile list, but it’s not an easily scannable display. I also don’t do anything in the list view to give you a sense of month over month progress. The chart UI in the logged in home page does OK with this, but …

Overall, this is a UI / UX / Design improvement & I don’t exactly excel in this area. Hearing what people want to see at a glance can definitely help me improve this setup.


The chicklets on the profile page is exactly what I was originally thinking was missing - I never go to that page. You’ve found inspiration for potential over and above what I meant. If the chicklets accurately reflect raw activity data that has been received and stored in the CS database, independent of any post-processing that will eventually be performed on it, I’m ecstatic. The absence of a track on LifeMap whose activity only ended a couple hours ago is at worst an annoyance and a call for patience. As much as we might wish for it, nobody needs a realtime LifeMap. Thanks, @JamesChevalier, keep up the great work!

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The runkeeper ‘accordion’ activity sort view is really practical and works super well. I wouldn’t mind if you copied them a bit in that regard!

I’ve had times where I want to view certain activities back in time and the pages of the profile page, while chronological, are not super helpful as they currently are.

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@infl8ur2shoes , I don’t know if this is an exact fit, but I too once pondered the idea of an SQL interface to the CS database…

Of course this would access one’s own stats… But then there could be a library (here) of SQL queries other Striders could “run.”

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@ericjrw - in general, I agree with you. All the online places that store our personal information ought to give us something like an SQL or a REST-ful interface to the data. I get how ‘eval’-ing SQL users might craft has serious security threats, but canned queries with a process for submitting/reviewing/approving them would be fabulous. It does come with the expense of publishing/maintaining the schema(s), which I can also understand is another negative for the enterprise.

In a parallel way, I’m also in favor of anything displayed on the web that “looks like” a table be an actual table that can be sorted on [virtually] any column as well as have appropriate ability to filter it. If giving us a database “query” isn’t realistic for whatever reason, give us a dump of what’s there in tabular form and let us filter it to see what interests us. Don’t want to build a webpage to do so? Then give us a ‘download dump’ button and we’ll filter/process a CSV in a spreadsheet tool.

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