Streets no longer completing?

I’ve run a few new streets to 100 % completion and they aren’t being updated. Also I noticed that clicking on streets no longer shows the run and un-done nodes (on the activity page). Some things broken?

Erf… must be…
Would you mind sharing a link where the nodes aren’t displayed properly?

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This activity (run last night, still not showing completion), but aside from that, when I click the 7 ‘progressed’ streets (purple tags, on the left), I get the zoom effect, the street name appears, but the nodes never appear. I’ll attach a screenshot for you.

Ugh. Of course they’re displaying for me…

What about if you visit that street’s page? Keystone Street Are they shown there?

Also, if you’re using Chrome, if you open up View → Developer → JavaScript Console … then refresh the activity page … then try clicking the street again … does it display any errors (I think there’ll be a lot of Set-Cookie warnings, so other than that)?

Ok, I always use Safari for CityStrides (because it tends to give me issues on Chrome) but I can confirm that on Chrome right now, everything seems to be ok.

Let me see if I can find a developer tools output in Safari for you. Ok. Actually it’s working now… hahah! Maybe you fixed it :slight_smile:

Perhaps issue is now resolved. I’ll let you know if I see it again in either browser. I am still not seeing street completion on the activity page though. But maybe that’s just a processing time issue.

Ergh these kind of issues are the worst … I’ll try to do a better job testing with Safari, though.

I know there are two things that slow down the completed streets thing… one is that the work is delayed quite a bit in order to give everything enough time to sync the activity fully & another is that there’s a cache on that data for quite a while because it’s expensive to get from the database.

I need to look into fixing this because a lot of people have troubles/complaints about how it currently “works”.

I have activities from 2 days ago that are still not complete so is it actually malfunctioning? I’ve never had it take so long for me before. Generally a few minutes only.

Hi James, same thing also happening to me on my last 2 runs

Le’s have some patients… I am sure James is working on it… (although, paatients for a runner is hard…)