Streets marked as manually completed

I ran a new part of Stoclholm this morning (where i have never run before), and I noticed there were a couple of streets that did not have any red nodes in nodehunter. I thought that maybe due to some OSM thing they were excluded from CS, and of course ran them anyway. But when looking through the list afterwards I find that they are manually marked as completed. Very strange as I never do that… and especially not as these are normal no-problem streets, so even if I had been here before here would have been no reason to mark them manually completed. But since I’ve never been here it’s odd! I see that when a street is marked as manually completed there is no date set, so I can’t see if this is an old thing. Can I accidentally have done this some time? Or can some bug in CS cause this?
It’s this run

and these streets

Actually even more strange, Stockholm was updated from OSM last night, and then I had 1011 completed, now I have 1023. The run details said I had completed 9 streets - so including those two manual, and one more that I didn’t mention in tha last post because I already removed the manual flag, this makes 1023. Now after my removal of the manual flag for one street it has recalculated and says 10 completed. So it seems those street were set to manually completed during my run??