Streets in the middle of the ocean


I’m actively trying to complete Livemore, California. A few weeks ago, a whole bunch of steets were added to Livermore that are not actually part of livermore. When I click the go button next to the street name, it leads me to part of the ocean close to Africa somewhere. Your help in addressing this issue would be quite helpful as I’m pretty sure I’m near 100% for Livermore.

Thank you!!

Can you be more specific on which streets? e.g. names and/or links to the CS street page.

It’s probably related to the zero node issue. See here.

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The streets in the middle of the ocean is a known bug caused by a street which has no nodes. (The middle of the ocean is actually located at 0 degrees N (or S) and 0 degrees W (or E). It’s being worked on.

City Strides is looking into a using a cruise as a fund raising mechanism for the site. We all cruise out to the correct spot and then run on the ship’s track.


Thank you for the insight. It seems that most of the remaining 42 incomplete streets for me for Livemore, CA fall into this category. I did not click every single one to verify. This seems to be the case for the ones I clicked to verify because when I click “show” it doesn’t show any nodes. When I click “go”, it takes me to the ocean. Some examples: Carrera Court, Amalfi Common, Deer Hollow Lane. Thank you again!

Thank you for the info! Cruise for fund raising is hilarious. Good one! I made small donations. This is a great way to be stay motivated for running. Thank you.