Streets Close to Completion Category

I think adding a third category into some of the views on CityStrides would be a welcome one, and based on what I’ve seen and read about how the site is set up, I think fairly easy to implement.

When looking at a particular city, you can already view Incomplete and Complete streets. I think it would be great to have a third category that shows you just the streets that are very close, say ones that you’ve hit 90% of the nodes.

Hopefully this idea hasn’t been suggested already…

Hi, this is definitely a unique idea, I’ve never heard mention of it on the forum before :smiley:

Regarding the 90% metric, see this article about street data, in particular this section below:

Speaking personally, I’m not out to get the ‘next easiest street’, and wouldn’t find that list useful. I tackle my city outwards from my home, and decide where to go next based just on coverage, not finding the low hanging fruit.

Would you use a feature like this to plan where to go next based on those streets, or is it more just for interest?

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Exactly what I am doing. In the past I did not consider length or nodes, but lately decided I should do at least a little node recon. Why? I missed completing streets because I did not cross the street to get the node (guess it was just outside the 25m range) on the other side.

Sounds like a good joke, well a joke anyways… Why did the CityStrider cross the street? To get the node on the other side. Ba bump!


@davemorin, I guess what I meant then was 90% of whatever is required to call a street “complete.” Or 80% or whatever. But yes, I would probably go for those streets first when planning my routes.

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Cool that makes sense. Probably not an impossible task for Jim to do as you said above if there’s enough interest from users (although I know for the moment focus is on tackling the syncing issues!)

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This is my top request. I’d love to be able to sort/filter my incomplete streets by % completed.

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Would also love to see this. While I often use Node Hunter to plan runs, I often have a hard time figuring out which streets I can feasibly complete in a single run vs. which streets are going to have to be split across multiple runs (or are just too long to be feasible at all). I would love to be able to see which streets I only need a few more nodes to complete. That being said, it would actually be awesome to be able to view a full list of all of the streets in my city, sortable both by percent complete and by absolute number of nodes remaining. (And even better if I could use this data to filter which nodes show up in Node Hunter.)

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