Streets being removed!

I have noticed that over that last few days the total number of streets in my area has dropped from 2305 to 2100 and the total number of completed runs has also dropped. On Monday I ran part of the golf course in my local area and was going to go back to complete later this week, but that is now note a “street” but there is no reason as to why it cant be run. Would be good to understand whats going on here as pretty frustrating.

I guess it’s about the whole idea of this site from the start. It’s intent is to make it possible to check off (semi) automatically all STREETS in a city/town/region. By setting up the site, imports were made from openstreetmaps where ‘too much’ was imported (not only the streets).

Yes, you now see nodes and objects that are runnable, but in a sence don’t belong in the dB of an area since they are not ‘streets’. Things like parks, churches,rivers, country boderlines etc. James is really trying now to clean up the unwanted data from the dB. Now everyone (soon) gets a clean set of runnable streets only (i guess that’s the ultimate goal) in a specific area. If someone wants to run every object existing in an area including non street objects, that would need a complete new setup and maybe even a complete different internet site (is the domain still available? :upside_down_face: ).


Sorry for the confusion @woodj6 and thanks for helping to explain, @petje!

I’ve been working through the reviewed flagged streets (currently a feature only available to monthly contributors, but it will be released to everyone soon), deleting data that isn’t supposed to be in CityStrides (parks, rivers, businesses, etc). While going through the list, I’m also removing data that matches certain names - so if someone flagged one McDonald’s I’d run some code that removes all McDonald’s entries.

This is certainly going to decrease the completed street numbers, but it should also increase your city completion percentage. A lot of this data (counts/percentages) is cached throughout the site, so it may take some time (some hours or a full day) for the numbers to change.


Thanks @petje & @JamesChevalier and in principle makes sense. I know we need to draw a line somewhere but shame we cant keep things like parks and public bridleways active as they are in the most more accessible than alot of the busy main roads (especially those with no paths/sidewalks).

Either way I’m loving the challenge of exploring new parts of the area I run in so keep up the good work on finding ways to continue improving things. Do alot of my running in Rushcliffe, England so shout if you need any support on tidying things up?

And again thanks for the explanation…