Street with all nodes completed listed as not complete

I’m doing Hard mode, and have done all of Camden, London, UK except for one street, Leybourne Road,. It’s listed as having 7 nodes and they’re all drawn in purple (completed), not red (incomplete)

It’s been like this for a few weeks.

I can see similarly titled postings, but they’re mostly old and due to other causes AFAICT (incomplete processing, other streets with the same name etc)

This post seems similar but implies that issue was fixed in 2020

(as Camden is nested inside Greater London which has other Leybourne Roads) but the link to the merged post doesn’t work.


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I’ll need your profile link to help you out with this

Sorry, I was thinking the markdown at the bottom was going to fill that in for me automatically.

Now Camden shows all my streets (1297 of 1297) complete, but only shows 99.85% completion rate

Kevin Pels is running Arroios, Lisboa - CityStrides (nested in Lisboa) is at 230/230 streets, 99.14% complete. Updated 8/28.

Camden is fixed (1297 of 1297 shows 100%) for me now. Thanks.

Now Camden shows as 1297/1298 99.92% but when I go to the Camden page it shows 0 streets not completed.

:thinking: I’m seeing 1297/1298 99.92% at the data level. I cannot confirm anything visually, since your account is private.

This is what I see.

Ah! Wild … the street count is off by one. There are 1297, not 1298 streets.
I’m fixing this up now - might take me a few minutes.