Street showing as incomplete, but no missing nodes

Recently, Richmond BC was updated and now it showing Grant McConachie Way as incomplete. It is also only shown one person as having completed it, but I know there are many others. It’s been a few days since the update was done, so likely there is a problem with this street not being refreshed.

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This street (Grant McConachie Way) is still a problem. I’ve run all 235 nodes and no nodes are incomplete, but yet this street is showing for me as not completed. I know of a few others who have run it as well and likely have the same issue.

The street is in Richmond, BC. Here is a link to the street:

Here is a link to the City of Richmond:

I’ve gotten this sorted out for you & I queued up everyone else in the city just in case.

I’m hoping that the issue was isolated to that ~April timeframe, but let me know if it happens again after a city update.

Excellent, thanks James.