Street Progressed Instead Of Completed

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I did a short walk yesterday (link below), - and everything has uploaded on the Lifemap, etc - but it is showing the street as progressed instead of completed even though I hit all of the nodes. Is there a way to fix this?
Thanks so much!

Hi! As you can see in the picture your GPS-trace didn’t hit all the nodes. That’s because this is a tunnel, where you have no satellite contact. So from the point where you first lost contact until you again had contact, there are no GPS-points registered. Most apps just draw a straight line between those two points, but even if this line happens to pass over a node, it won’t be marked as completed because there are no GPS-points in you route at that point (also see this topic which is a bit similar Long line on my map? - #9 by veronica.b)
Tunnels are a nuisance for CS. There might be a possibility to catch the street anyway, I have done it for a tunnel in my neighborhood, and that is to walk on the ground above the tunnel, in that case the you will pass directly over the nodes and you will have a GPS trace to show it,

Yeah, @hans1 is mostly right. He’s correct enough for your question/issue, but I’ll clarify one small detail…

Updates on March 30, 2022 (Release 536) changed the underlying data structure of activities in a way that made processing way faster and not based entirely on GPS coordinates but rather the overall path of the activity.
You can conceptualize this by mentally adding a 25 meter buffer around the line of your activity, changing its shape from a few pixel line into a kind of oval-ish blob that might look something like this:
Example from PostGIS ST_Buffer
So any nodes within that red buffer area would be marked as complete - it wouldn’t matter where on the blue line your GPS coordinates were actually placed.

In your case, the GPS signal cut out & a straight line was drawn between the point where it dropped & it reconnected. If that tunnel had been straight and coincidentally matched that straight line, then those nodes in between would have been marked as complete - because the system looks at your overall route to determine which nodes it completes.

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Aha, news to me!
But how does this affect the other topic on straight lines,

If I pause my watch, drive a distance by car and happen to pass a few nodes on the way, then restart the activity in a new location. Will those nodes be counted? Can CS determine if a straight line is due to lost GPS contact, or a paused watch?

Maybe … One thing I learned while reworking the data was that some people track e.g. intercontinental flights as walking activities ( ) … So it does split up activities into sections if they’re too long.
This splitting could result in the gap between the pause/restart to be ignored. It’s not overly intelligent - it just works in groups - but it’s possible.

Thank you! That really clarifies things for me. I was, indeed, wondering if it had to do with the fact that it was a tunnel I had gone through. Is there a way to mark it as completed manually? Or should I just let it go? (It’s not close to where i live.)
Thanks again!

I guess I could test it, pause my activity, walk past a couple of new nodes, then restart again, and see the result

This conversation about the street spans a couple threads - this is the best thread to keep the street-specific conversation in … there’s the “missing activity” thread for that issue.

It looks like the “city” that kind of contains this street shouldn’t even exist in CityStrides: Boston Bar 11, British Columbia - CityStrides
The only section of the ‘city’ that contains any street is the tunnel entrance/exit.

Okay, no worries. Thanks for weighing in, James. It’s not an area near where I live - I just saw an opportunity to grab an easy street and wanted to figure out why it hadn’t worked.

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