Street on map but not in street list

Meyers Ave in Hunters Hill NSW is shown and named on the map, but does not appear in the list of streets for The Municipality of Hunters Hill. It is not a new street, so should have been in OSM for quite some time.

Is there a fix for this specific street, or is it a symptom of a more general issue?

Meyers Ave is listed as a ‘Driveway’ on OSM. I believe Driveways are ignored by the CS overpass query as they’re not technically streets.

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Yeah, @tamworthslim is right - driveways are ignored. About the Node, Street, and City Data

To clarify - the map visual and the data (street lists, and their nodes when you click go/view) are completely separate. I have no control over the base map layer.

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@mcox If you are motivated, you can make the edit in OSM (OpenStreetMap) yourself. There’s a primer here: OSM Basics

The recently implemented update code, will eventually pick up the change.

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Thanks everyone for the quick feedback. That certainly explains why the street does not appear on the list. I’m a bit baffled as to why it would have been categorised as a driveway, I will have a look into OSM editing and see if I can update it.

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I’ve come across plenty of instances where roads have been mis-catetorised. I just correct them as and when I find them.


Yes, I’ve now learnt how to do this and have recategorised Meyers Ave accordingly. I assume that this will flow through to CityStrides at some point?

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It should! Personally I’m not sure what the interval is going to be, but I did see the “last update” date now appears on each city’s CS page.

See: Last update date for cities

Good news and bad news! The Municipality of Hunters Hill has recently been updated in CityStrides and Meyers Avenue now appears on the street list. BUT it has no nodes and hence can’t be bagged! It appears to have nodes in OSM, can anyone tell me what the issue is here?

@mcox Sounds like this (new) problem: Street has zero nodes