Street on a border

I’m not sure if my link will work here, but I have an issue where a street is on a border, but has no nodes in either ‘city’. I intend to walk it in the next week or so, but it seems odd that it wouldn’t fall into one city or the other. If the link works, it is the one labelled ‘Leicester Road’. Daniel Ratcliffe's Map View - CityStrides

When I look at it, it seems to be in Blaby, at least with Nodehunter I get red nodes for Blaby

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Ah, I think I see the problem now, at least to an extent. When I use the node hunter on it, I see nothing, but I have already completely Leicester Road in Blaby, since it has 302 nodes, and I have already got more than 95% by getting other streets of the same name within Blaby. Odd that I don’t get shown any red dots for it in the node hunter, but I suppose it is sort of unimportant, and I will rectify it soon anyway.

Yeah, Leicester Road - CityStrides is in Blaby

Node Hunter does not show nodes for completed streets


Yes, if you switch to hard mode you will see the missing red nodes for this road in Node Hunter