Street names not in CityStrides db, but are on the CS map?

Is it possible that CS is displaying current OSM maps, but any new streets have not been imported to the CS database (yet)?

I’m aware of the importing aspect, and didn’t expect to see the streets (I was the one who added them to OSM), but was surprised when the streets I added showed up on my LifeMap.

This is in Keller, TX.

The streets are Arrowhead Pass and Cresta Cir.

To get you to the area, Elkhorn Trail, is just a bit SW of the above two streets.

Oh, in the same area, Park North now goes to all the way to E Vine. This too is showing correctly, but is missing nodes.

Thank you in advance for helping me understand another aspect of CityStrides, and the OSM relationship.


Yeah the visual map is from Mapbox.

The street data is from OSM (at a particular point in time).


Thank you @JamesChevalier!

Going to have to add a new name to my version of the CityStrides lexicon. :slight_smile:

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@ericjrw While we’re talking about Mapbox, I’d like to point out another common source of confusion or frustration that’s a fun learning point:

Mapbox uses “tiles” to render the maps. These have different versions (and they always filter OSM data to, more than anything, avoid vandalism). CityStrides and Strava on iOS/Android use the most recent tileset. Strava on the website uses an outdated tileset that will never update with OSM changes (CityStrides and mobile Strava will, just on a bit of a delay because of the filtering). Therefore you may run into the problem of trying to generate a route on the Strava website with having streets not match CityStrides even though they both use Mapbox, or making a route on the web in Strava and then noticing a street doesn’t exist where you made the route on mobile Strava when you’re out and about.

Have had no luck with Strava or Mapbox in getting the web app updated to a current tileset.


@tkajstura, thank you for that information. That’s very interesting that the data varies by platform (mobile vs. desktop).

As I’m relatively new, I’m still learning.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that, until I get a lot closer to 100% for a city (currently 44.88% in my home city, and 74.25% near where my parents live), completeness is not that big of a deal (yet). I have so much to work on, I’m trying to focus on what’s nearby. Oh, speaking of nearby, I also started striding in Granbury, TX, and am hoping for good coverage there too. :slight_smile:

Thank you again for the addition info! It’s much appreciated.

Happy striding,