Street marked as complete because nodes are not correct

Hi again,

I noticed that this street was marked as completed:

Even though I most certainly did not go through it. It is currently closed off due to road works.
It’s also not marked on my LifeMap (which is the result of a RunKeeper manual creation).

It seems the two nodes at the end of the street were checked because I walked the streets that this street starts and ends in.

Any ideas on how to fix this? It looks as though I can’t manually uncheck this street because it was added by “GPS”?

Your profile is not visible so we cannot see your map. That said, going by your description, this is an expected bug in the CS algorithm. CS only considers the nodes of a street (as defined in Openstreetmap). If you hit 90+% of the nodes, the street is marked complete. Nodes are often only at the end, intersections, or in turns of a street. This is by design in OSM, a node with no extra information in the middle of a straight line is spurious and may be removed. There is a way for CS to solve this on their end, as I suggested here before. It would definitely increase processing and storage loads, but by how much I do not know. Whether that is worth the extra effort also remains to be seen. If the situation bothers you, you’ll just have to do a visual check from time to time to catch these cases.

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