Street I didn't run showing as 100%

This is my first post. Hopefully in the right place. I did a run yesterday and a street parallel to the one I ran is showing as completed. Is there anyway to fix this? In the attached image I ran along Skipton Old Road but St Mary’s Gardens is showing as complete. Incidentally the Skipton Old Road nodes are also done at this point. I’d noticed a few other funny things like a street showing as completed twice and a node missing on streets I definitely ran (so the street is complete but not really (>90%). Just not sure how much to report!

I know there is a threshold where it will pick up nodes from a certain distance, if two roads were really close you might get it that way.

Hi @joel.dalby, welcome to the forum! To answer the different questions you had:

No, you can not “unmark” streets that you have completed, short of deleting the activity from CityStrides entirely. That being said, many Striders would still go back to complete St Mary’s Gardens, for that honest-to-yourself sense of completion :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the distance to complete a node @dallas.devries is right, that any node within the distance from your GPS (not your run necessarily, but where your GPS data points to!) will be marked complete. Some other comments about node completion appear here.

90% of nodes need to be completed for the street to count, although Jim (CityStrides’ creator) has discussed the idea of a hard mode where 100% would be required.

This is a known issue with how the data is brought in. This thread has a long conversation about it: Double Streets
If that is the case for you, you can add the erroneous city to this tracker, where it will eventually be cleaned up.

In general you can search the forum for these kinds of questions, as many people have had similar questions before. This is an awesome site with an active community, welcome to!

Hi @davemorin and @dallas.devries. thanks for your replies. I will indeed be going back to really do St Mary’s. I figured it was due to some gps inaccuracy, just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing a quick and easy solution. Thanks again for your replies. Really liking the website but becomes a bit obsessive!

I have also noticed this — if I run both ends of a short street (on other streets), but not that actual street, it will still show up as 100%. I have just been going to go run them on my runs after that, but I came here to see if this was an issue for others.

@vanessa.junkin funny you mention that right now.
This was just posted a few minutes earlier: Very Straight Roads. I provide a bit more detail there as well.