Street has two names in CS, not in OSM

A street in CS appears to have its own proper name as well as the name of a completely different nearby street. I can’t find an underlying problem in OSM.
[I had a ‘before’ image for this, but I’m using my one image per post limit below]
Clicking ‘Show’ for Ashbrook Drive works as expected:
[I had a screenshot of Ashbrook Drive populated with Red Dots, but I’m using my one image per post limit below]
Clicking ‘Hide’ removes the red dots and returns window to the original state.

Now, finding Lakes Edge and clicking ‘Show’ adds red dots to BOTH Lakes Edge AND Ashbrook Drive:

[yes, I am absolutely certain that I clicked Hide on Ashbrook Drive before this step]

I’m an OSM newbie, but I at least tried to look for something to explain this. As a guess, perhaps Ashbrook was at one time mis-identified as Lakes Edge in OSM, CityStrides brought that over, OSM was subsequently updated, and CityStrides now thinks that way has both the old and the revised names (??). What would purge the CS database of a previous name?

here’s the OSM map for this little area: OpenStreetMap

Good Luck.

Check out this thread. It’s something to do with how CS is pulling in the data from OSM. I’m not sure if James has had a chance to look into this recently.

All of these bad nodes were created in 2019. These way records were updated in OSM since then, so maybe those updates corrected the issue & the city update process didn’t pick it up for some reason.

I’ve manually removed those bad nodes.

@JamesChevalier I have given you a couple of examples in the other thread Street with two names after update. Can you fix those as wrll?