Street distances

Some of the new street distances seem way off. An example:

It says 103.74 km long. But when I use Route planner and track this road I get only 30.12 km.
And it definitely do not look like having dual carriageways, just a single lane road.

And then another strange thing… My Citystrides is set to Metric, which looks OK. But when I look at the this “city” Pastoral Unincorporated Area, South Australia - CityStrides and its 864 streets, on the first page all streets are in miles, after that all pages show km. If I filter on Road, i get this funny result, se picture

If I look at other cities in Australia, like Council of the City of Sydney, New South Wales - CityStrides I get everything in km. Also in USA

I also see miles over there. Km everywhere else.
Where I live we don’t have that kind of long streets.

But still…Here’s a road I measure as 4 km, stated distance is 5.78 km:

The next release - likely sometime tomorrow - will fix up the miles/kilometers bug.

I’ve spotted the cause of the distance issue (also mentioned in Water Station chat), but I’m going to have to do a fair amount of debugging to figure out wtf

Update: Figured out that the step which removes Nodes that were removed from OSM is flawed … If a Node was removed from one Way, but not removed from another Way for the same Street, then the Node isn’t removed from CityStrides. This also resulted in its ordering being wrongly updated to be ‘last’, which in turn would mean that if it was e.g. the second Node of 5 for the Way, then it would calculate the distance as 1->3->4->5->2 which would greatly inflate the length. :sweat_smile: :nerd_face: Now I “just” have to fix it…

Update: Figured out how to cleanly remove Nodes if they’re removed from individual Ways. The next city update, around the world, will resolve that issue.