Strava - Run (recorded as Ride) not showing up

A couple of recent runs didn’t show up in CityStrides.

I use Strava to keep track of activities. I’ll frequently swap between runs, rides, ebike etc. in Strava.

Runs have been registering flawlessly wtih CityStrides, but a few recent ones have not shown up. I suspect it’s because Strava defaulted to “Ride” when I went for some runs recently. I flipped the activities to “Run” when I realized my error so actvities are now correct in Strava.

Is it possible that changing the nature of the activity could have confused CityStrides? If so, is it possible to add these updated Strava activities to CityStrides?

Note: I let my CityStrides subscription lapse. Would re-subscribing fix the problem?

Yeah, only run/walk/hike types are brought into CityStrides. If you’ve corrected them in Strava, I can sync your account - just share your profile link.

Being a supporter won’t change much here. It does give you access to a “sync now” feature, but I’m happy to sync accounts whenever I can (so it would just cut down on the waiting time).