Strava cropping

I’m an idiot and have many times forgot to stop my watch. Strava lets you crop and fix it. The problem is the original show in City Strides for stuff I didnt do. Is there a way to reprocess crops?

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This thread does not address your specific question, but may nonetheless have some helpful info for you.

Yeah…the last thing I want to do is export my cropped strava activity…delete current cropped strava activity…reimport activity. Which I assume would be the current workaround.

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  • Delete the activity in CityStrides
  • confirm the activity is gone in CityStrides (because deletions are delayed into background jobs)
  • run a “Sync Now” (or request a sync, if. you’re not a supporter) after confirmed the activity is gone from CityStrides

So I tried this and it didn’t seem to work. This Strava activity from 10/15/2020 I cropped in Strava a while back. I found and deleted it in CityStrides and tried syncing a couple of times (I’ve been a supporter for a few years) and it did not sync back in.

This is the activity.


Bizarre… I got the activity to sync in manually, and I’m trying to figure out why it didn’t Just Work

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