Strange street in Amsterdam

I recently ran this street: Rua Adolfo do F. Rosemberg in Lagarto, Sergipe - CityStrides
It looks strange because it consists of 2 parts. The southern part actually doesn’t exist, but it is shown like this on open street map. I suggested an edit there, but not sure if this will automatically be reflected in Citystrides?

Yes, this s OSM bug. please do change that there (if it is not already corrected by somebody else).

BUT…Since citystrides works with a one-time download of relations etc from osm, your change in OSM will NOT be updated in citystrides. This is one of the ‘things’ considering the setup and choices that were made during setting up citystrides. For instance it’s not updated when roads are dissapearing or being build/changed in the real world. The mapbox view in lifemap is updated, but the nodes downlaod is not updating the streets etc.
@JamesChevalier did i write this down correctly?

i think you are correct. It is a ever changing world :slight_smile: :frowning: Now you can see where you have walked in the past even if the streets disappeared but new streets are normally not imported. It is a choice I think … Over the years this issue will grow. Maybe James will find a solution in the future to sync with OSM …

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