Status of city refresh

I wonder if it might be possible to add information to the status page that shows where the OSM refresh process is. Something simple like … “currently processing cities last updated on dd mmm” would give an indication of where it had got to. If I am interested in a city that was last updated on, say, 7 Oct then knowing whether the update process is currently working on cities last updated, for example, on 30 Sep or 6th Oct would give me a rough sense of whether I’ll see the one I am interested in updated soon or whether it’s likely to be a few days yet.

I like it. I also wonder if metrics on processing might be included, i.e. in addition to last updated, average update interval, and average processing time. I recall seeing that cities might be in a “paused state” (due to inactivity?), so that bit of info would be interesting too.

I also had the idea to submit a single OSM way, for quicker processing.

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I’m not too bothered about metrics beyond what @mcoleman38 is proposing, but it would be nice to have some form of versioning for the OSM query. This impacts not only the number of streets in a city but also the number completed. It’s frustrating to bag a bunch of streets and return to a lower total! :sweat_smile: I think in this case it was due to highway = track being removed, but it would be nice to know in order to plan runs appropriately.


love this.

I had forgotten that this idea was here, and I even voted…

I was about to submit it, again, suggesting it would be a great addition to this page: CityStrides Status.

Assuming we know the order of the updates, i.e. alphabetical or numerical (city page number URL), we might be able get a feel for when the city we are waiting for might get updated. I’m a few days past the estimated 6 weeks for Granbury, Texas - CityStrides , and I’m getting anxious.

PS. The update should put me at 100% of my current city (Granbury, TX).

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I sampled some cities with at least 1 strider (otherwise it doesn’t get updated on CS). Looks like you might be waiting longer than 6 weeks.

CS id osm id name last updated
1 174364 Munsey Park 2022-01-18
4304 5396194 Washington 2022-01-20
4900 237385 Seattle 2022-01-21
48513 7444 Paris 2022-01-25
94322 41485 Roma 2022-01-26
2525 207359 Los Angeles 2022-02-04
171333 8398124 Manhattan 2022-02-08
132395 62422 Berlin 2022-02-10
188749 175342 Greater London 2022-02-15
207687 2404020 Brussel-Hoofdstad - Bruxelles-Capitale 2022-02-18
33385 2697338 Rio de Janeiro 2022-02-21
25731 1224652 Buenos Aires 2022-02-22
26024 1251066 Council of the City of Sydney 2022-02-22
9871 8374449 Torrey 2022-03-01
189229 7510596 San Pawl il-Baħar 2022-03-04
93722 44979 Vigonza 2022-03-05
102650 344804 Valde-Ucieza 2022-03-05
227615 5750005 Sydney 2022-03-06

I did not spot any with a more recent update date than 6 March, welcome to hear if you see a more recent one (or an older one than 18 Jan that has at least one strider). I wonder if it has to do with Sydney getting added as a nested city and (going by forum posts) triggering a lot of reprocessing, perhaps forcing everything else to wait.

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Yeah, that March 6 date seems reasonably accurate as the last city update run.
The Sydney import loaded my system with processing work, and at the same time I’m working on some data reorganization which forced me to stop city updates temporarily.
I’m hoping to be able to restart city updates sometime this week, but there’s too much uncertainty for me to make any promises.


Tom Petty said it best…

@ward_muylaert Thank you for that breakdown! Impressive.

James, keep up the great work!

The cities refreshing/updating feature is back up. One of my cities has just been updated. Just an fyi. Thanks James and happy striding everyone!

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