Status of city refresh

I wonder if it might be possible to add information to the status page that shows where the OSM refresh process is. Something simple like … “currently processing cities last updated on dd mmm” would give an indication of where it had got to. If I am interested in a city that was last updated on, say, 7 Oct then knowing whether the update process is currently working on cities last updated, for example, on 30 Sep or 6th Oct would give me a rough sense of whether I’ll see the one I am interested in updated soon or whether it’s likely to be a few days yet.

I like it. I also wonder if metrics on processing might be included, i.e. in addition to last updated, average update interval, and average processing time. I recall seeing that cities might be in a “paused state” (due to inactivity?), so that bit of info would be interesting too.

I also had the idea to submit a single OSM way, for quicker processing.

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I’m not too bothered about metrics beyond what @mcoleman38 is proposing, but it would be nice to have some form of versioning for the OSM query. This impacts not only the number of streets in a city but also the number completed. It’s frustrating to bag a bunch of streets and return to a lower total! :sweat_smile: I think in this case it was due to highway = track being removed, but it would be nice to know in order to plan runs appropriately.


love this.