Single street (way) update

Had this idea the other day…

With the roll-out of periodic updates, maybe this idea is not that big of a deal, but if you are an impatient type, then maybe it could relieve the stress and anxiety of waiting for the next CityStrides update from OSM.

Basically allow users to submit a link to a way, to be processed (sooner) by the update code.

Not sure if the whole OSM link should be queued, i.e. “Way: ‪Magner Way‬ (‪853709740‬) | OpenStreetMap” or maybe just the ID, i.e. “853709740”?

FYI, this new street (above) was picked up by the last update, but maybe the 0-node streets might be good user-supported updates too, when one comes across a street they need?

Anyway, that was my thought. Would also reduce need to process entire cities for small updates, by skipping cities if there was a recent way request, implying the city is “correct enough”?

Edit: This would be especially useful for Striders who also contribute to OSM, and desire to see one’s small changes picked up more quickly. I suspect Striders have been quite helpful when it comes to the accuracy of OSM, at least in regards to runable/walkabe/hikeable streets!