Spurious cities

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I noticed that my number of cities rose from 89 to 90 recently, for no apparent reason, so I had a look at the list (for the first time) and found several cities there that I have never been to.

These are:
Cedar Hills, Oregon
Limon, Colerado
West Haven-Sylvan, Oregon
Beaverton, Oregon
Aloha, Oregon
Portland, Oregon
Hugo, Colarado

I have had a look at some of these and they date way back to July 2011.

Is this not valid data? Matthew Rees's activity on July 25, 2011 - CityStrides

Someone may have done that run/walk but it was not me. I have never been to Oregon or Colorado.

That’s weird. The data is sourced from your MapMyFitness account - IMapMyWALK: 25 Jul 2011 19:06 - so I can at least confirm it’s not an issue in CityStrides.

I was able to spot two more:

The problem is definitely with MapMyWalk.

I’ve looked at my activity there for 14 June 2011 and there are two walks, one close to home in UK and the rogue one in USA. The rogue one is called “Around Kings Place” (where I was working at that time) and was half an hour at lunchtime. The location is correctly given as Islington, GR, United Kingdom but the map shows Santa Fe!

Similarly, the walk on 24/25 July says it is in Richmond, UK but the map shows Colorado and the walk on 25/26 July says Kingston upon Thames but the map is Portland, Oregon. b.t.w. MapMyWalk activity calendat shows the date as, e.g. 25 July, but the detail shows, e.g. 24 July, presumably because of time zones.

Please remove these rogue entries if that’s easy. I will delete them on MapMyWalk to stop them coming across again.

There’s a vertical three-dot menu on each activity page that includes a Delete option that you can use.
You can get to each activity either through the list or by clicking it on your LifeMap.

The deletion does occur in a background job, so it can take some time to complete.

Thanks. Now doing that.