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Does anyone know how to import data from Sporty Pal? I left Run Keeper (because it was glitchy) for 8 1/2 years… Now back to RK becasue I liked the idea of this Life Map. I would love to be able to import those runs here…

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It looks like it’s technically possible, but a bit difficult. You can export a GPX file of each activity from Sportypal, then import those files into Runkeeper.

Thanks James. Yikes. I’ve got several hundred runs logged there…would love to find a batch process…

Appreciate the reply…B

Personally i prefer Strava over RunKeeper. In the long run i think i would put my data where it’s easier to get back out again.

There is a site called that syncs between different services.
They don’t have sportypal, but perhaps they can be concvinced to support it.
Issues · cpfair/tapiriik · GitHub

Or you could outsource the job :smile:

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Think hard before relying on Strava. They have very strict API limits, to the point where CS has major lags getting updates from runners using Strava.

Yes, this is a sign of how popular Strava is. But if you want to use Strava as a link elsewhere, you may wish to rethink that decision.