Sorting/search on Routes page

Up through mid-December 2022 (as I recall), my Routes page displayed routes in the order they were created (oldest first), and I could use the Search box at the top of the page to look for something in my route titles. Since mid-December 2022, though, the routes have displayed newest first and the Search box does not work (nothing happens when I submit the search). This is the case both on my IOS phone and my Windows laptop across multiple browsers. Search on (in)complete streets works fine. Sorting order on the Routes page does not matter to me, but I would love to have the Search box working again to search across my 15 pages of routes. Thanks!

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:laughing: Today in Finding Things In CityStrides That Jim Doesn’t Do … searching routes!
:person_facepalming: That’ll be fixed up in the next release.

Thanks, Jim! Great, great system – this has been so much fun and so helpful to work with covering my city!