Some past activities

I’ve set my privacy settings months ago to ‘Everyone’ to allow friends to see my LifeMap, but lots of activities seem to still be set to private, so my LifeMap has big gaps when others view it.

Example - privacy still set to ‘Just Me’ but I’ve never manually done anything with this activity:

There doesn’t seem to be any easy way to change everything to public or even view a list of what’s still private. Can this be done through a support request, or have I missed something?

Reading this announcement it says it should update all activities: New Privacy Settings

Changing either of these settings (click on Settings in the menu to do that) triggers some code to run in the background. This code updates all of your activities to have the newly selected privacy level.

Loving CityStrides by the way. James, you’ve built an awesome platform :slight_smile:

:thinking: I see your User record has its privacy settings set to “Everyone”. The activity you linked to also has it set to “Everyone” and all of your activities are set the same way.

Everything looks right to me - let me know if you have another activity pop up as private.

Glad you’re enjoying CityStrides! Have fun out there!

Thanks for checking. I went back in to my account settings after I posted. Changed it to ‘Per Activity’, saved it. Then changed it back to ‘Everyone’. Looks like that’s sorted it.

It definitely wasn’t right at the time. This is what a friend could see:

Note the parts south of Littleworth.

All ok though now. Yes loving it, kept me motivated to go out and extend my map and explore new areas.

This is what I saw (could only post 1 image per reply):