Some nodes/streets not marked as complete

I’m trying to troubleshoot my missing runs in CS and am trying to focus on a really small “city” (Rockliffe Park). Its showing 6 streets missing in CS. One of these is Springfield Road. Hovering over the purple activity lines in CS, I can see that I’ve run down Springfield Road several times and selected one of those lines (Feb 24, 2019) to see the specific Strava activity (see link below). Viewing this activity in Strava shows me a) it’s public (not sure if that matters) and b) is listed as a run (although its tagged as a “long run” in the run type). I then checked another street (Green Ave) to see if this was possibly attributed to the “run type” and found MANY runs along the missing node of various run types… So i’m back to square 1 being confused :frowning:

Moved this to a new thread since the issue is not that you’re missing activities (based on this info you’ve shared), the issue is that some of your activities aren’t marking things as complete.

I’ve just queued up jobs that will reprocess all your activities… Let’s see how that helps - I’d expect this to take some hours.

Looks like reprocessing the activities did the trick. Thank you @JamesChevalier