Small question: what does the little number 3 in red circle mean?


I see a little white number 3 in a red circle on my profile page. What does it mean ?


It’s a little indicator for recent updates. I post these notes in #announcements and also over at (which feeds into that little dot & the window that is displayed after you click it).

Click it! :smile:


Yes i thought so. Bu do you mean click on the red circle? that does’nt do anything?


Oh weird! I’m able to click it in order to display the little popup window…
:thinking: Try hovering your mouse a little to its left - it looks like the click region isn’t perfectly lined up. :man_facepalming:


I had this issue earlier today. I had to widen my browser window before the red circle became a clickable object…


Aha yes, there is a small part of the screen left where you can click. Solved the mysterie…


nice feature btw


I’m going to try and make it actually work tonight. :laughing: :flushed: :grimacing: