Small area outside city boundary

Hi, I’ve noticed that in the city of Delta, British Columbia, there’s a small area that seems to have it’s own boundaries outside of the Delta ones. It’s First Nations land so I suspect that’s why, but is there any way to add it?

I can’t seem to attach a picture of where it is, but it’s on the west side, near the water, just north of Hwy 17. In the area between Tsawwassen Drive and Salish Sea Drive.

Yeah, looks like we’re lucky - this appears to be that section: Relation: ‪sc̓əwaθən məsteyəxʷ / Tsawwassen First Nation‬ (‪2227709‬) | OpenStreetMap

Yeah, that’s the spot. Does this mean it can be included in CS as part of Delta?

Yes/no - it will exist as its own city

So I could run the whole “city” in a single activity? Hahaha, amazing!

Just noticed that this “city” is now in my list. Thanks for adding it!