Site doesn't remember I'm a supporter

I made a one-month contribution on February 4. When I visited the site yesterday, I noticed the Sync Now option wasn’t available and the “Become a Supporter” banner was back. I thought maybe I’d made a mistake, so I made another $5 contribution on February 5. Today (February 6) I tested a theory – signed out and back in, and the site had forgotten I was a supporter again. Sync Now option gone, “Become a Supporter” banner back. Some kind of cacheing or data storage issue maybe?

I fixed your account and gave you an extra month for your trouble. So you’ve got 3 months of Supporter access that should end May 5. Let me know if that doesn’t work as expected. :grimacing: :cold_sweat:

I have this piece of code that decrements the number of months that are left based on which day of hte month the last contribution was made. I think I have a bug in how that works. :thinking: