Since December only: 0 Streets Completed 0 Streets Progressed

I’m running regularly, but since December all my runs show 0 Street progress. Something must be broken, because even if I run mostly in parks not streets, I should’ve progressed and completed several progress on those runs. I hoped the problem would disappear and the system catch up with the backlog, but it never does.

My system is having a really hard time fighting through the backlog of work right now. Your timeline going back to December doesn’t match up with my latest troubles, but it definitely is going to take a bit to catch up at this point.

I thought I was going to be through the worst of it this past Friday, but it looks like I still have some time to go… I’ll be happy to take a look at your account after this is all sorted out.

Hai James, same problem here no sync since december 2016.