Sign in with login+pass


It would be nice to be able to sign in with a login+password instead of Strava/Runkeeper/…
I’m now logged in using strava (and I don’t have a Runkeeper or Mymyfitness account).
I’m syncing with Garming (because Strava is dogslow)

Say one day I’d remove my Strava account (on Strava) I’m no longer able to sign in here, right?
(Sidenote, yeah, I’d lose al my Strava-imported runs)

There will soon be a Garmin login.
It’s being tested before release.

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I have decided I like this idea. When it was first proposed, I used only Strava. Now I use only Garmin. And while going “through” Garmin to get logged in here is not that big of deal, it would be nice to save that step… Why? Because every once in a while I click a link and it opens in a different browser that does not have me logged in. If I went to log in, I have to go through the whole process. If login was CS based, each browser could remember my credentials, and I would not have to mess with the extra step. I don’t consider this very high priority, considering everything else, but I do now think it would be nice.