Down?

Just tried to visit my account and was surprisingly not signed in. Upon trying to log in with Strava or MapMyFitness, after authorizing each of those I was jus sent back to the sign-in page without being logged in. For Garmin it goes to the Garmin authorization page and it just “spins” and never asks for authorization.

I was not able to successfully log into my account.

I was getting ‘heavy queue’ message for a few minutes but was able to access my page now. Wasn’t logged out when it reloaded, though.

Odd! I haven’t received any downtime or performance issue reports. Using the site just now seems to be performing alright - was able to log in via Runkeeper in a private window.

:thinking: I just now got a downtime alert, but I’m clicking around and it’s all working great for me.


I restarted chrome and the issue was resolved - I am now logged back into my CS account via Strava