Show Strider's street count next to percentage

Can we show the streets completed count (for the given city) next to the % completed, in the Strider’s page?


Would be nicer to see “I need 107 streets to catch this guy,” versus trying to do the math every time.

If you wanted to get fancy, also show (+107), i.e. the delta relative to the logged in user, the way Zwift shows seconds ahead and behind for other Zwifters.

Edit: I finally found this similar topic? Include city street count in the list in profile view

“Strider’s page” being this icon:

Nice idea. I think I’ll center-align the street count so the three stats are evenly distributed along the progress bar.

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Saw this last night already! You’re a machine!


I got lucky with it being easy to add. I did forget to add it to the private user display, so that’ll go out sometime today.
I’m going to close this as done now, though.

(I see I just released the wrong count :person_facepalming: I’ll get that fixed soon)

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