Include city street count in the list in profile view

When looking at other strider’s profiles I never know how impressed I should be unless I click through the city list since the percentage complete ranking doesn’t give any indication as to the size of a city. It would be nice to have the street count added to the completion metric, along the lines of xx.xx% of yyy streets.

Something like this perhaps?

Those street numbers are the total for the city. Maybe the word "Has " should be in front of the number, to make it a little more clear?

I personally would like to see my count out of the total as well as my ranking.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 5.10.20 PM


With zero performance issues, I can toss the street count in there. That’ll go out in the next release.
When I have a moment :flushed: I’ll see how I can include the completed street count without destroying performance.

I don’t have a “ranking”, exactly. I have a total count of Striders, ordered by percentage complete, so I have some semblance of ranking outside of the 100% folks. If e.g. 10 people complete a city, there’s no discernible difference between rankings 1-10.
It might be possible to back-fill data that can determine ranking by adding a completed_at value which I can probably source from some wild db query that gets the start time for the activity that created the last completed street for the city. :sweat_smile:

I’ll leave this idea open, so I can work on it when I’ve got a bit less backlog urgency.


Thats great news!

I’m sure building and maintaining some sort of caching table for this would be fun :slight_smile:

I realize many people could occupy first place but thats ok! It would be fun to see! I’m definitely more interested in my completed count out of the total than the strider ranking.

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Looks great! Kudos