Set of streets full of things that are not streets

I’m new to using this service and have to say it’s amazing!
One thing I have noticed when scrolling through the list of “Incomplete” streets in city view is that the list is full of things that are not streets such as businesses, public transportation routes, infrastructure, etc. Is this intentional, or is the list incorrect? The city is Vienna, Austria.

Yeah, there’s a ton of bad data in there right now.

I’m part way through a massive project to improve global city coverage as well as clean street data. All of that bad data will soon be gone!

ok, it sounds like you’re aware of the issue already. Getting clean street data will be an instant boost to my city complete percentage, I look forward to it! :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for your work, this project (and your dedication to it) is fantastic!

I agree, and hope it can be cleared, I don’t know how though. It must be a huge task.
I was aiming for 100% of my home city, but it is not possible with “red dots” at the end of private entryways or inside fenced areas in the industrial neighborhoods.
I switched to the task of painting my region as purple as possible on my life map :slight_smile: