Seperate legs correct in Runkeeper but not CityStrides

I have a run in Runkeeper. The run had two legs with a gap where I took the bus to get from Vancouver to Portland. The shows up correctly in Runkeeper (no connection between the end of the first leg and the start of the second leg) but in CityStrides it looks like I ran across the Columbia River in a straight line., which would have been amazing but …

Here is the CityStrides activity: David Heller's activity on March 12, 2015 - CityStrides

Is there a way to correct this in CityStrides?

I don’t have any advice on this, but I had to share that I was really confused for a minute, because I assumed you were talking about “the” Vancouver (British Columbia). :sweat_smile:

Hi David,
To make the line crossing the river disappear you’ll need to have two separate activities. I don’t think you’ll be able to split the activity in Runkeeper directly.
I suggest the following:
I would advise to download your activity as gpx, edit it in a gps editor so that you end up with two activities, one ending at the river side, the other one starting at the other side of the river.
You’ll then still have to delete the original activity and then upload the two new ones.
Hope this all makes any sense.

But note that that straight line is not counted as running, i.e. If the line passes straight over a couple of nodes, those nodes will still be red