San Francisco - two Stone Streets

This is not really a huge issue (or an issue at all) but there are two Stone Streets (one in the Presidio, one in Chinatown) which most humans would consider to be two separate streets, but they’re considered one street by the map. I wonder if it would be possible to split them somehow

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Not currently possible. The CityStrides query that gets data from OpenStreetMap (OSM) is essentially looking for two criteria:

  1. looking for certain types of roads (ex: residential roads describe roads where there are a lot of residential properties, service roads are the minor roads that may lead to a building, park, etc). A full list of the road types included in CityStrides and those ignored can be seen here.
  2. The road has a name in OSM.

Within OSM they are two completely different ‘ways’; in fact they may be even more than two ways depending on the tags associated with them. Since CityStrides is looking for the above two criteria, it isn’t checking if they are geographically connected.

As another example, Tehama Street - CityStrides in SoMa, has different segments that may have been at one point connected as one continuous street but was broken up as the city grew. It also is only one street in CityStrides but many different ways within OSM.

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