Runkeeper login not working

I can not login with my email on citystrides.
My email on is the one i use.
I run with runkeeper.

Is it still happening?
Are you getting a particular error?

I cant log in.
I made a seconde email, to see if it Works.
Suddenly my email ,, doesnt work anymore .
Cant get a new one, doesnt work, and my current email doesnt work either.

I’m confused about your reference to email…
CityStrides does not use email-based logins - it only connects to your MapMyFitness/Runkeeper/Strava account, which you need to already be logged into.

If you go to OneASICS | One Account. OneASICS. are you able to log in directly to Runkeeper’s site?
After you accomplish that, then you can try logging into CityStrides from CityStrides

I can see my lifetime map now.
But not the streets i did run.