Runkeeper Integration

I’ve had a very difficult time connecting to Runkeeper. I think it may be because I authenticate to RK using FaceBook but I initially logged into CS using a Google account (account ID 45515). After my creating my initial SC account, only one race from 2017 synced to SC. Somehow I now have two accounts - IDs 45515 and 45547. I have RK paused in 45515 and alive in 45547. But, nothing from RK is syncing to the second account.

Your issue is that you created two Runkeeper accounts, it doesn’t have much to do with CityStrides.

I suggest that you:

You’re probably going to have to log out of Runkeeper on all of your devices, and then log back in as the correct 702930916 account. Doing this will cause your saved activities to go to the correct place.

Wow, what incredible support. I’ve been able to do much of what you suggest. When I log into Roger Bradshaw Fitness Profile - Runkeeper I can see that this is the RK account where I have all of my RK activity. The other account has only a single 2017 run, which I don’t care about. HOWEVER, when I follow the CS link from this RK account, it brings me to CS user 45515 which has only that one 2017 run. I can’t seem to get RK 702930916 to link to SC 45547.

I know you’re not RK support - but any idea how I can delete the RK account I don’t want?

It sounds like you’re logged into both CityStrides and Runkeeper through the account. You can confirm that by clicking the top “Me” link on Runkeeper’s website & checking the “Total Activities” stat in the left column.
If that shows you’ve got 1 activity, I recommend clicking the “Remove application” link for CityStrides in DO NOT do this if that shows you have 670 activities - you do not want to remove that one.

After that, I recommend:
Log out of both CityStrides & Runkeeper, and close any open tabs for each site.
Log into Runkeeper and ensure that you’re logged into the account that has 670 activities.
AFTER you’ve done that, you can try logging into CityStrides again. That should take you to the correct account.

If you’ve done all this, then you don’t really need to worry about deleting the other Runkeeper account. I actually can’t even find a place to do that in their settings.

Interesting. When I follow the first link (3542321672) from your latest response, I see 1 run in the stats bar on the left. As soon as I click on “Me”, I see full stats that I assume are from my other RK account. So, following your advice, I did not remove the CS application.

So, I logged out of both applications. Logged into RK and see all my activities. Then, I log into CS and when I select “Connect with RK” I get a red box in the lower right corner about not being able to authenticate because of invalid credentials. After getting this message and trying again, I get a green connection box, but I don’t see any activity in CS. I’ve tried a few cycles of this.

Yes, if you follow any of these profile links you will be taken to that account. Those links don’t log you in as that account, you’re just viewing its profile. That top “Me” link takes you to your currently logged-in user. Based on this explanation, it does sound like - at least at that moment - you were logged in as the correct Runkeeper account.

I took a closer look at the data, and tried manually accessing your account etc. I found that the access has been revoked (for the account with all the data), so your CityStrides account is going to be deleted.

This is in a slow queue with about an hour delay right now, so I would advise stepping away from this for a while. You can occasionally visit and once you see that you’re redirected to the homepage with a message that the account no longer exists, you can try again.

I suggest:

  • Log out of CityStrides (if you’re still somehow logged in)
  • Clear the cookies for from your browser
  • Ensure that you’re logged into the Runkeeper account with data by visiting that “me” link
  • Log into CityStrides

This should take you through the 3-page welcome flow, explaining that it’ll take some time for activities to sync etc & let you fill in some account details. From there, it’s just waiting for the sync to finish and your data to be processed.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues with all that.

OK - I got the farewell email from CS. I did all you suggested and everything seems fine. Looks like my CS user ID is 45687 (if only I’d been 9 sooner!). And, it looks like activities are starting to stream over.

Thanks for the great support. I’m a software support guy myself. I developed the race scoring software “The Race Director”. If you’ve competed in running races, chances are my software produced the results…