Run tracking

I’m having issues with the site not syncing some of my runs. Streets that I know I’ve completed are not showing as such. I’ve logged out and back in several times, but it still won’t pull the information.

I know the next thing that will be asked is what device/service are you using, and to post a link to the activity(s) in question.

I use map my fitness. There’s several over the last few months.

When you look at the streets in question, have the nodes turned green? At least
90% of the nodes must be “captured” (turn green) to get credit for the street. You can also see this number on the page for the street.

Another thing I can think of is to make sure the road does not exist in two places. Sometimes getting that 90% is more work.

Links would be helpful, as there is no way to get from the forums, to a person’s profile. CS account URL in community profile - #4 by JamesChevalier

But looking at that, I see there is now a way (no pun intended). Going to try to look at those runs now.

Edit: Don’t see your URL there, so can’t see your runs.

This is one for sure

Could you post a link to you CS profile page?
It will look like this: Eric Wes - CityStrides


Not sure I can help, but things seem pretty quite around so, so thought I would take a look.

Not sure if that’s what you are after

@nonny_777 Looks like you have your privacy settings locked down, so I can’t see your activities here.