Run not Deleting

I’ve been trying to delete this run for at least four days at this point and it hasn’t gone away. I’m used to runs taking hours to delete off my profile and days to vanish from my lifemap, but I’ve never had this happen. Anyone else having similar issues?

Link to the run: Logan Schnitzius's activity on December 23, 2022 - CityStrides

I’ve been having this issue trying to delete some runs from Dec. 22 (5 days ago).

I wasn’t sure if I caused the problem for myself because I was fighting some automation syncing a run from my Fitbit account to Runkeeper to Citystrides. I had to delete the run from Runkeeper twice before then trying to delete from Citystrides. One finally disappeared after 2 days but the other is still there on CityStrides at Charlie Gorichanaz's activity on December 22, 2022 - CityStrides, and it’s been gone from my Runkeeper for 4 days. I triggered a new deletion on CityStrides about once a day just in case the queue got dropped.

I see on the “Slow Jobs Delay” is multiple days. Something must have broke, but I figured it wasn’t worth disturbing anyone’s holiday break over. :slight_smile: I did see a recent post by @nurseangel72 on Deleting Activities - #26 by 8f7162110d9eeaf907ab , so it may be a recurring issue recently.

Yeah, there’s a multi-day queue due to the recent Greater London update which was accidentally queued up three times at once :sweat_smile:
I’m currently looking into options/costs around increasing my database instance, both to work through this existing queue and to better keep up with overall load. That slow queue somewhat regularly gets to a multi-hour delay (multi-day is not common).