Run all nodes, not just 90%

Something that really bothers me is that sometimes, just by chance, I notice I have missed one or a few nodes. Especially for a longer street, with maybe over 50 nodes, if I have missed one or two, maybe a sidealley, it will show as Completed, and I have no way of knowing that it’s not really complete, other that if I use the Go button for this street, and find that I’m actually at 95% e.g. But that’s not something I do often… When I use node hunterit does not display these missed nodes.
What I’d really like is a simple way to find these missing nodes, because my goal is both the run all streets “in reality” and also to capture all nodes.
One way would be to be able to choose “strict counting” which would require 100% of nodes for a street to be marked Complete.
Another way could be that Node hunter should show all red nodes, regardless if the street is Complete or not.
Maybe there could be other solutions.

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