Router | Streets Touched Change

After creating and saving a route, a list of the “Streets this route will complete nodes for” is displayed on left. This is super useful if working in a new area or if you have a lot of streets to complete still in area. Little less useful if you are picking up missed streets in a dense area or just planning a casual run (ie objective is not to hit new streets).

Would others find it more useful to separate out the streets touched in route to: Streets already completed, Streets this route will complete, Streets this will partially complete. Wording for different sections could use some tooling but hopefully this depicts my idea.

This is under the assumption that a check against the user’s account for completed streets is done/possible before display to user. Would also have to be dynamic check on each load in case user creates a route, list of streets is displayed, user completes some of the streets but then comes back to the previously created route to see what that route would complete now, partially complete or is already completed.

I built that list with the intention of it being a list of streets you haven’t completed that would be progressed/completed by running the route. Going with this intention, that list of streets should change as you complete them (completed streets should be removed from the list).

That’s not how it’s currently working, though. :sweat_smile:

If people are interested in multiple lists of streets, then the furthest I’d probably want to go is two lists: one list of incomplete streets that this route will touch and one list of all streets this route will touch (regardless of whether or not you’ve completed them). My instinct is that the incomplete street list is way more relevant than the full street list - would love to hear opinions on that.
(Oh, for User Setting: Hard Mode I could see a third list of streets where the route would complete a node; regardless of whether or not the street is complete)

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