Route creator not selecting optimal path

Anyone else getting problems with the route creator not selecting optimal paths? See screenshot - it is not picking the most straight lines, and this is not OSM-related - not a problem with the underlying map, I’ve made routes that went past here before, etc.

So I am having to use the straight-line tool to ‘bypass’ the issue for now.

Maybe Graphhopper is interpreting something about those streets as not being usable/ideal for walking.

Can you zoom into that same location on your LifeMap, and share that link here? (The LifeMap page updates the URL with zoom/pan data, so I’ll be able to see exactly what you see without hunting around the earth)

I can play around with Graphhopper settings to try and figure things out…

Yeah it happened multiple times while making this route (CityStrides), but it’s weird because I’ve just never had this problem before in any of the 10-20 routes I’ve made in the same areas. Unfortunately can’t share those because I delete the routes after I run them.

Lifemap for problematic areas: Rua Principal at the curve Kevin Pels's Map View - CityStrides

Rua das Lajes & Rua da Casola & Rua do Porto da Horta Kevin Pels's Map View - CityStrides

Many others

This seems like it was a temporary thing, it’s working fine today over the same roads! Still don’t know what the problem was yesterday.

:sweat_smile: computers