Report Synchronization Issues Here

Please report your sync issues here: Individual missing activities, missing backlog (no activities prior to a certain date), etc…

I’m going to use this single thread as a place for you to report any sync issues. I’ll move the post over to Archived Synchronization Issues after I start a sync for your account. That thread will act as a catch-all of all the sync issues we’ve ever had to work through.

I may not reply to your note here - I may start a sync for your account and move your note over to the archive thread. Let me know if you’re re-reporting an issue so I can pay closer attention to it. :smile:

Strava users: CityStrides recently exceeded their API rate limit, and there are a lot of missing activities as a result. I’m handling the backlog manually, so that I stay below their limits. This is going to take some time. Please hold your sync issue reporting until October - I think I’ll be caught up by then.

Supporters: I have temporarily disabled the “sync now” feature. I need to slowly work through the backlog of missing activities at a manageable pace. Sorry for the trouble.

EVERYONE: Do not de-authorize/revoke CityStrides from having access to your activity tracking service. Doing so deletes all of your data here. Only de-authorize/revoke if you want to leave CityStrides.

Activities with missing maps: Delete the Activity (while viewing it, there should be a Delete Activity [ID] entry in the menu) and the next sync should bring it back in correctly. If you have too many of these, let me know - I’ve got a script that’ll do the whole process in seconds.


NOTE: Please read the initial post :point_up: there are important details in there & I keep it updated.


For those missing a run or two from last week…one option is to export the run from Strava, Garmin, Suunto, whatever you use, delete it from Strava, then manually upload the exported run back to Strava. I was only missing one run so I did this. It acts like a “new” run so came into CityStrides immediately. And @JamesChevalier you don’t need to sync my account! :slight_smile:

I think you do exactly what James Chevalier does not want you to do. :wink: Read his initial post for details.

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