Repeated Road Names - suggested solutions

Not sure whether this should be under Issue or Support

I am running amongst other areas Charnwood in the Leicestershire, UK. Which is made up of 2285 roads, spread over quite large area containing several small/large villages a market town and the top of a city.

As a consequence there are numerous repeats of the road names, as an example of the worst offenders that I have currently found are 10 Main Streets and 8 Leicester Roads.

Is there away within City Strides to differentiate between all of these different roads ? I keep coming back from a run only to find that half of the roads I have been down have the same names as roads 10 miles away.

A couple of possible suggestions

Look at the distance between the roads
Good Points

  • Working the distance, properly, between Lon and Lat is computentially expensive but you can do a rough distance calculation which would work for this case. Just work out the euclidean distance as an angle (need to put it into radians) and the multiply by the earths radius
  • Roads greater then some calibrated distance would then be classed as being different
  • Fairly automatic

Bad Points

  • How do you identify/label the different roads ??

Use Open Street Map Tags
Good Points

  • Can make use of the addr:city and/or addr:postcode tag for roads and then pick this up to work out if they are different
  • This automatically labels and differentiates between the different roads

Bad Points

  • People will have to go into Open Street Map to fill in the additional detail, which can’t be a bad thing.

I’m happy to act as a Guinea pig to try and work on any possible solution

Paul King

Road names need to stay to the correct road name. Imo there is no way of getting around it and just need to stay with what it is. Yes its frustrating if say 84th street goes in 4 different places over 15 miles. But it is what it is.

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I am also doing Charnwood, and can report that Harborough is even worse in that regard, but having thought about it in every way, I have concluded there is nothing to be done but live with it. Just think how satisfying it will be when you finally get Main Street. And Leicester Road. And Church Lane. And School Lane. And so on.

I found Leicester to be much better, in that there are almost no duplicate names, for what I presumed to be obvious reasons. But now I have got a fair amount of Leeds, I have discovered that many streets in Leeds share the same names.

I appreciate that potentially no solution will work in all situations. The hope with proposing Option 2 was to try and exploit the tags that are already in Open Street maps and use that information to try and discriminate with the differences in the roads. If the roads are in the same city I assume that the postcode (addr:postcode) will change if they are in different cities/villages (addr:city) then you could add that information in.

Like everyone has said perhaps I just have to suck it up and slowly knock off roads