Removing nodes from a non-existing street / private road

Would it be possible to remove the nodes on “Town service Road” in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Canada. It does not appear on Google map, only on City Strides. There is no street sign, since it’s a pathway that says "No trespassing, private property.

I responded to this question here: Is it possible to remove nodes on a 3,4km stretch of Hump Yard Road - #2 by ericjrw

Not sure why I saw it twice.

Technically i think you could run it from south to north and turn back at the private garden.
I probabaly would, but then again Canada is not Denmark…
I have changed it in OSM, should be gone from CityStrides in 2-3 weeks

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Thank you so much!

I was running in that area of Dieppe today and found what should be the north entrance of town service road/path. There’s no street sign, only private property. Most awkwardly is that the path is located between two houses and is not cleared from the snow.